Our company was founded in Toronto in 2021 with a desire to create stylish and elegant apparels for dogs and cats.
J'em & Co. stands for “I love Jiro, Emi and Chico”, and the French pun is because we are Canadian, originally from Quebec.


Jiro & Emi

Jiro is the biggest bestest most protective big brother ever, in a good way! He tastes every food before Emi eats it to make sure it’s safe, that’s dedication! Jiro takes care of the important duties in the company, he makes sure all employees take breaks to play with him or take him out for some fresh air!

Emi is Jiro’s most affectionate sister, she’s also the only sister. She takes her co-CEO role very seriously and cares about the well-being of her employees. Emi provides moral support, many kisses and caresses. She holds the essential portfolio of public relations.

These twins were rescued through Free Korean Dogs, an incredible non-profit organization that facilitates adoptions of Korean dog meat trade survivors. Jiro and Emi remember their humble beginnings and take nothing for granted. They never waste food!

Aside from working hard, Jiro and Emi also enjoy modeling for luxury brands. The twins are the most popular chiweenies (chihuahua x dachshund) influencers on Instagram. Follow their adventures and fashion statements @chiweening.

Honorary Ceo


It all began in 2008 when Chico stared at us from his tall 1.5-foot 3-year old cuteness at SPCA Montreal. We were not planning to adopt that day but boy he did work that charm and those puppy eyes on us! We adopted Chico and he became king of his kingdom. He lived such a happy life with our family, blessing us all with his adorable face. In 2019, his reign came to an end as he was diagnosed with liver cancer. History will remember his reign as the most wonderful 8 years full of fun, joy and love.

Chico will remain an honorary CEO and integral part of J’em & Co.’s journey.

In loving memory of our first son, we miss you and love you forever. <3

honorary ceo