Welcome to J'em & Co.

J'em & Co. is your new favorite online pet store for bandanas, bow ties and more! Our collection expands to over 100 products, you will surely find the best outfits for your pup and cat!

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100+ Stylish Bandanas

J'em & Co. designs the most unique bandanas on the market. All our products are handmade by us, and our cotton fabrics are all sourced from local shops! By purchasing from J'em & Co., you are also supporting many small businesses in Canada.

Did you know? All our bandanas are priced equally no matter the size! That's right! Whether you have a cat, a small chihuahua, a dalmatian or a large german shepherd, it's the same price for all sizes! If you think this is fair, support our brand!

Most Unique Bow Ties

Our bow ties are THE most essential accessories for your pup and cat! We have perfected our bow ties with the best quality, durability and designs! All our bow ties are slip-on's with small elastics in the back to hold it steady on the collar. No more crooked bow ties in photos! We also offer sailor bows to add an extra touch of elegance!

Don't forget to add a bow to your purchase!

“J'em & Co. products are made with amazing quality and craftsmanship! One price for dogs and cats of all sizes! Not only are the products and patterns beautiful, the company itself is beautiful.”
— Jenny N. (Google Reviews)
"I love that this brand donates to rescue pups and is eco- conscious in their packaging! Their customer service is amazing and they even worked with me to ensure I ordered the correct size for my pup! And their minimalistic prints are gorgeous and I’m so excited that they just added bows too to their shop!"
— Stephanie C. (Facebook reviews)
"I definitely recommend J’em & Co.! Their bandanas are super cute and good quality. They have excellent customer service, and quick to respond to messages/inquiries. They double checked our pup’s measurements with us to make sure we ordered the right size! Plus, they are environmentally-conscious and donate to rescue group Free Korean Dogs. Awesome company! 👏🥰"
— Chrysan M. (Facebook Reviews)
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