Hi we’re Kimchi and Chip! We’re rescues from South Korea and we now live in beautiful British Columbia with our forever family. ❤️

But life wasn’t always beautiful; Chip was abandoned and found as a stray and I, Kimchi, was raised in a dog meat farm. Thanks to Free Korean Dogs, I escaped the terrible fate of becoming someone’s dinner.

This is why we love the fact that J’em & Co. donates a portion of their profit to Free Korean Dogs to help rescues from the dog meat trade. When we wear our J’em & Co. gear, we wear it with pride, because not only do we get to look stylish, we also get to help other dogs in need.
Not that we need a reason to look good, but it helps that it’s for a good cause! 😉



Bubble Gum said:

Voting for these 2 cuties!

Athena Pup said:

My Vote is for these two!! They are sooo swanky!!

Shirley said:

Model of the week!!

Peter said:

Vote for kimchi and chip

Lifewithkimchi said:

Vote for Kimchi and Chip

Milo said:

Love my fwends!! 🤗

Kim said:

Gorgeous doggos 🥰🥰

Julie said:

Voting for the cuties!

Hudson said:

I’m voting for my buddies Kimchi and Chip! ❤️❤️

Gizmo. The. Real. One said:

♥️ KIMCHI & CHIP ♥️ The best models

Aileen Ligacion said:

Please count my vote for Kimchi and Chip❤️

Otto & GiGi said:

Our vote is pawsitively for Kimchi & Chip!

Lala said:

My vote is for Kimchi and Chip!

Jayne Benigno said:

Please count my vote for Kimchi and Chip

JAN said:


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