J'em & Co. is celebrating its 2nd anniversary! In addition, we are celebrating the 3rd GOTCHA DAY of our CEOs Jiro and Emi @chiweening.

For this special occasion, we want to introduce our newest awareness campaign against pet abandonment!

We are calling it "#fureverluv"

Cats and dogs unconditionally love you, they deserve a forever home, a forever love. During the pandemic, many families have been facing financial hardships or other difficulties. Unfortunately, dogs and cats are among the first to be sacrificed. We strongly believe there is no good reason to give up your pet.

Some numbers seem positive. For example, Toronto Animal Services saw 44% drop of pets given up to animal shelters in 2020 vs. 2019, due to many people looking for a companion during the pandemic. However, we know many of these will inevitably be surrendered after being "used" as a temporary companion.

As predicted, pet surrenders to the same agency are up a whopping 75 per cent in the first 6 months of 2022 compared to 2021. This is a tragedy for all the rescues across North America. Non profit rescue groups and shelters are overwhelmed and suffering during the heart of the pandemic, and much more now.

J'em & Co. is committed to help one particular rescue group close to our hearts. We have a permanent partnership with @freekoreandogs as a percentage of our sales is donated to them. In addition to this commitment, we are launching the #fureverluv campaign where 20% of the gross sale of each bandana from this collection will be donated to Free Korean Dogs, which translates in $5 per bandana.

Purchase our #fureverluv bandanas to support our campaign and to make it successful! When you post your photos with these bandanas, please use our new hashtag: #fureverluv

This campaign will run through the month of February 2023!

Note: We are unable to exclude these two bandanas from the discount codes. Please do not use your discount codes for this campaign as it will reduce the amount donated to the cause. We thank you for your generosity.

Love, J'em & Co.